Sometimes songs come from a strong emotion that you feel during a brief moment, a precise moment in which something is captured, wraps up and leaves a mark inside us. Feel something, an emotion that you alone  sense in front of a sunset, during a meeting, on the pages of a book. Something marks and moves you to the point of writing a poem or a song.

Dust of Stars was born during one of my nightly readings, a time when I still had energy to dive into a novel of twelve hundred pages . Getting to page 598 something hit me, along with Khader, I found myself walking towards the pier Colaba:

…Then the particles came together to make the first of the atoms. Then the atoms came together to make molecules.Then the molecules come together to make the first of the stars. Those first stars went through their cycles, and exploded in a shower of new atoms. The new atoms came together to make more stars and planets. All the stuff we are made of came from those dying stars. We are made out of stars, you and I. Do you agree with me so far?…